Rev Dr. Fr. Lawrence D'Souza


We are an Easter people, Alleluia is our Song.

Dear Friends,
I wish you a happy Easter. May the Risen Jesus bless you and your family today and everyday of your life. Jesus, by rising from the dead has conquered sin and death. The resurrection of Jesus proclaims loud and clear that ultimately good will triumph over evil; that light will destroy the powers of darkness and evil and life will defeat death. This message is very relevant especially today when the powers of darkness and evil seem to have the last laugh! Easter celebration brings new hope, joy, happiness and lasting peace. The Lord who has crushed sin and death has become our hope.

Easter Challenges us to be persons of hope. The Risen Jesus filled his disciples with hope, peace and courage. He, after His Resurrection appeared to his disciples and He greeted them with two words: “Peace” and “Do not be afraid”. This is the great Easter Message from the Risen Saviour. We need peace and we need courage as we journey through life. The Risen Saviour seems eager to dispel any fear in the hearts of His disciples. We live in fear; fear of sickness and disease; fear of economic uncertainty; fear of death; fear of loneliness and rejection and even fear of annihilation in a war.

Today, as we celebrate Easter, let us remind ourselves that the words “Peace be with you” and “Do not be afraid” are not an empty greeting. They express the great gift which the Risen Saviour gives us; this gift should dissipate all fear and turmoil from our lives. The Risen Jesus is with us and because of this Presence we can live our lives with peace in our hearts. Happy Easter!


Very Rev. Fr Lawrence D’Souza
Rector – Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur.



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