Milagres A Ward

Location : Behind Milagres College & around the Church
Gurkarn : Mrs. Clothilda Rebello
Patron : St. Pious the X

1.Mr. Lawrence Rebello
2.Mr. Joseph Sequeira
3.Mr. Harry D'Silva
4.Mrs. Sumana Pinto
5.Mr. Stanly Pinto
6.Mr. Vincent R. Lewis
7.Mr. Walter Nazareth
8.Mr. Melwyn Antony Sequeira
9.Mr. Michael D'Almeida 
10.Mr. Vincent D'Silva
11.Mr. William Martis
12.Mr. Stanley Rodrigues
13.Mr. Valentine D'Souza
14.Mr. Raymond D'Souza
15.Mr. Felix D'Souza
16.Mr. Loy Castelino
17.Mr. Vivian Sequeira
18.Mr. Stany Quadros
19.Mrs. Marcelline Lewis
20.Mr. Harry J. Castelino
21.Mr. Frederick Monthu D'Souza
22.Mr. Peter Menezes
23.Mr. Peter D'Sa