St. Rose Convent

Superior : Sr. Susheela
The Congregation of Ursuline Franciscan Sisters (UFS) was founded in the year 1887 in Mangalore by Rev Fr. Urban Stein SJ the then parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Mangalore. Finding the need of the Service of the Sisters in the Parish Rev Fr. Denis Joseph D’Souza the then Parish priest of Milagres Church Kallianpur invited the Sisters and hence St. Rose convent was established in June 1950. 

History of St. Rose Convent, Kallianpur 

The Congregation of the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters blossomed in the bosom of the church in the closing years of the 19th Century in the fruitful soil of Mangalore. It is on a great day of Easter Sunday on 10th April in 1887, Fr Urban Stein, a German Jesuit put at ease the great desire of a band of Virgins numbering twelve by founding a new religious association of lay apostles in his own parish church, the Rosario Cathedral. Mother Rose Saldanha and Mother Mary Agnes Mathias United the Ursulines in strict community life. Due to their effort on 13th May 1934 the congregation was canonically erected by Rt, Rev Dr. V. R Fernandes, the then Bishop of Mangalore.

After the death of Mother Rose on 2nd Jan 1949 St. Rose convent was erected at Kallianpur in loving memory of this great person of our congregation on the first of June 1950. Thanks to the efforts of Rev Fr. D J ‘Souza who was the real instrument to invite us and thus open a new house at Kallianpur. Having a humble beginning the three pioneers occupied the old thatched house, next to the church compound given by the generosity of Mr. Ignatius Lewis. Here we also remember in gratitude the help, concern and guidance given to us by Rev. Fr. Tellis the then head master of the school.

St. Convent had triple objectives in view for it’s erection namely: (i) Catechizing and evangelization, (ii) Educating children and (iii) helping in the pastoral activities along with the village apostolate.

The Sisters felt the need of a chapel of their own. So with the encouragement of the parish priest Rev. Fr. D.J.D Souza, a chapel building was put up and the same was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. Raymond D’mello the then Bishop of Mangalore on 12th November 1959. The progress in the apostolate and the consequent grow in the size of the community demanded at least a remodeling of the convent building. The work was valiantly undertaken and the same was inaugurated on the 14th of Nov 1968 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil S D’Souza the Bishop of Mangalore. 

The Sisters for the past sixty years involved in various ways such as teaching catechism to the children particularly preparing them for the first communion, confirmation and other sacraments, attending to the choir, maintaining discipline in the church, distribution of communion and participating actively in the S C C prayer in different wards of the parish, visiting the sick, praying in the families of sick and aged who are confined, helping the poor children and so on. Since 1950 the Sisters rendered yeomen services in educating the children in the primary school till July 2010, when the only surviving sister in the teaching post got retired. There is no hope of new appointment in that place as there is excess staff under the management.

At present one Sister is newly appointed in the MSW department of the Milagres College which is adjacent and one sister is appointed as the warden of Girl’s Hostel of the same College for which the community remains grateful. . The house also provides opportunities for the young Sisters and student candidates to pursue their academic studies in the same College 

At present the resources are very meagre for sustaining the community with the retiring of teaching the sisters in the school. In order to make the community self sufficient Rose Play School has been started. And to make the place more convenient and conducive for the little kids the play school needed renovation and modification which incurred heavy expenditure. Thus the future existence of St. Rose Convent is very bleak, unless some new avenues are provided to maintain the community. 

Here I wish to say a word of big thanks for all those who have directly or indirectly contributed for the growth of this community during the past 60 years.