World Enviornment Day Celebration & farewell to Headmistress Lilly D’Nazareth

Kallianpur, June 5, 2013 : World Environment Day celebration and bid farewell to retired Headmistress of the St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School Mrs. Lilly Nazareth held at Milagres Tri-centenary Hall here on Wednesday, 5th June, 2013. During the dual occasion Very Rev. Fr. Stany B. Lobo Correspondant of the Milagres Institutions was presided the function. Dr. Nery Cornelio Principal of Milagres College, Rev Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves Principal of Milagres PU College, Rev Fr. Mahesh D’Souza Headmaster of Milagres English Schools, Shri Paul Lobo Headmaster of Milagres High School, Shekar Baikady former PTA President of the school,Suresh Bhandary & Praveen of Educational Department, Brahmaver and PTA officials were present on the dais.

School teacher Herald D’Silva gave introductionery talk on world environment day celebration. School Pupil leaders took oath from Retired Headmistress Lilly Nazareth during the occasion. During the occasion Marina Lewis of Thonse donated Printer and Scanning  machine to school Correspondant Fr. Stany for the School and donor Marina Lewis was honoured by Fr. Stany



After,  the management of the school arranged to express gratitude & bid farewell to beloved Headmistress Lilly Nazareth as she after 42 long years of hard work and dedication who going to permanent vacation. Teacher Mukund Naik expressed tearfull gratitude words from teachers side and Shekar Baikady expressed hardhitting tearfull words from Parents Teachers Association side. Suresh Bhandary all praised for Lilly Narareth for her outstanding achievements during her educational service from Educational Department.

Surely running of Kannada schools in all over Karnataka State day by day going to decreased very much. But one of the oldest & historical St Joseph’s Higher Primary school getting famous and attracting large number of students from not only Kallianpur but from Udupi, Malpe, Uppoor, Kolalgiri, Kodavoor, Thonse, Kemmannu, Ambagilu and other long distance places. It has been result of best teaching faculty and vast infrastructers provided by the school mangement under the leadership of Lilly Nazareth for her outstanding service since 14 years in the school. Retired Headmistress was started her teaching career for Nirmala School in Brahmaver at the age of 18 years and later she worked for Don Bosco School at Shirva and 18 years for LVP School, Nittoor. after her 42 long years of dedicated service got retirement from last week of May, 2013. No doubt one of the dedicated teacher for the school, for the management and for the educational department going to take permanent vacation which tearful to all.

Retired Headmistress Lilly Nazareth was honoured with letter of honour and lots of flowers, gifts, fruits, mementos etc., etc from the mangement, Milagres institutions heads, PTA officials, parents, students, former officials of PTA, nuns and teachers of the School.

Retired Headmistress Lilly Nazareth nee D’Sa expressed her views and thankful to all who supported her during her 42 years of teaching career and also thanked for arranging to bid farewell function.



Very Rev Fr. Stany Lobo expresed gratitude words from managment side and gave presiding address during the occasion. He all  praised for Lilly Nazareth nee D’Sa for her outstanding service for the institution. Peter D’Sa husband of Headmistress who gave all support during her teaching career also present during the honouring ceremony.

Herald D’Silva was compered the all programmes of the dual occasion and various dances were held at the start and end of the occasion




News published on: 2013-06-06