Is Multi-party system Ideal for Indian Democratic System - Debate at Milagres


Udupi :  “Is Multi-party system Ideal for Indian Democratic System” - Debate at Milagres English Medium High school, Kallianpur.



Students at Milagres are trained every year in debating. The High school students of 10th and 9th look forward to it with great eagerness.

This year too it was a matter of pride for the two sections of 10std students to win the Debate of the First Semester organised by the school on June 28, 2018 at the Primary school Hall. Six students each from 10 A and 10 B faced each other and debated whether our nation must stick on to Multi-party scenario or changeover to Dual Party system like advanced USA, Britain etc.


The battle began with 6 students of 10 B speaking FOR the topic and 6 students of 10 A speaking AGAINST the topic alternatively.

Each student was given one and a half minute each to present their views with one person from the group getting a chance in the end to summarise for 2 minutes.

Audience poll was also taken. In the end 10 A triumph as winners with relevant arguments against the topic namely, the Dual party system as a better option than multi-party system in India.

Miss Shefali Rao emerged as the Best Female Debater and Master Vinay Kumar as the Best Male Debater.

Mrs Veera D Silva, Headmistress in-charge of Primary and Mrs Maria Pramila Furtado, English teacher of the High school were the observers. They were impressed with the preparation and presentation skills of students. Fr Lancy Fernandes SJ, Headmaster, guided the students in preparation for the debate.


Miss Dalina compered and managed the debate module. Miss Valonia gave the votes of thanks. Miss Megha was the timekeeper. 

News published on: 04-07-2018