Election Commission of Milagres conducts School Cabinet Elections

Udupi : One aspect most exciting in the month of June for Milagreans is the  Cabinet Elections because they are held in the way similar to Assembly and Parliamentary elections. Students of Milagres English Medium School, Kallianpur near here look forward to it because they get an experience of how elections are held in public life. 



Varsha Meshta


Vinay Kumar


Mohd. Afwan


Anikta Bhat


This year for the first time an Election Commission consisting of staff members co-ordinated the whole process impartially and professionally.  Days assigned for filing of nominations, for withdrawal and one full day was allotted for canvasing during break hours within the school campus.



INVESTITURE CEREMONY  (Installation of the Cabinet): 

The INVESTITURE CEREMONY  was held June 13th at 2.45 pm. All the cabinet members took oath to do their responsibility.


Milagres Election Commission:

The Election Commissioners,  Mr Prashanth Lopes and Ms Cecilia of High school and Primary respectively looked after the smooth conduct of elections this year. This is the first time that the 

Election Commission was appointed in the school by the Headmaster. 

News published on: 20-06-2018