First Segment of Vidhyarthi Darbhar - 2018 at Milagres College, Kallianpur

Kallianpur : First segment of Vidhyarthi Darbar-2018 was an interactive session with an International novelist, Mrs Renita D’Silva, from England.



Mrs Renita D’Silva, hails from Kallianpur, authored 6 novels so far and the 7th one is yet to release. During the interaction she said, “Literature is an intimate slice of soul, one can derive the source for a literary text from an incident of one’s everyday life.” “Reading takes you to a different world, one can attain the fullest joy of life by the extensive reading,” she added. In response to a question which was asked by a student Mrs D’Silva said, it was her mother who motived her to develop the habit of reading.

The discussion was initiated by Prof. Harinakshi, Department of Kannada. Rencita of I BCOM A compeered the program.

News published on: 09-03-2018