Prelude to Annual Feast, Milagres Cathedral Kallianpur celebrates "Madi Fest"

Udupi : Prelude to Annual Feast of Our Lady of Miracles at Kallianpur, “Madi Fest” was celebrated on 7th January, 2018 which declared open the Annual Feast – 2018 by hoisting the Milagres Flag. Madi Fest was celebrated prior to the start of Nine days Novena which commences on the next day i.e. from Monday, 8th January, 2018 this year.


As per tradition since centuries, on account of the annual parish feast, Madi Fest was celebrated by hoisting Milagres flag in front of the church which was held this year also by Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo, Rector of Milagres Cathedral.

The historical Madi Fest tradition has been celebrated by our ancestors since three centuries at Our Lady of Miracles Church, Kallianpur. By local tradition, it is called as “Kodi Yeroni” in local Tulu language which will be prelude to annual feast of the church prior to Nine Days novena. In front of the church campus, parish flag with a portrait picture of Our Lady of Miracles was hoisted at the top end of an Areca nut tree (Madi) pole. Even after the Milagres Church becomes Cathedral of the Udupi diocese. The same tradition is continued to commemorate the event “Madi Fest”. But now instead of Areca nut tree, silver coated iron pole will be used to hoist the flag.

Earlier, Eucharist mass was celebrated by Very Rev Fr. Stay B. Lobo Rector of the Milagres Cathedral. Rev Fr. Rolwin Aranha and Rev Fr. Lancy Fernandes were present during the occasion. Dr. Nery Cornelio Vice President of parish pastoral council compered the brief programme.

Felcy Lewis Secretary of parish pastoral council, members and large parishioners were present during the flag hoisting ceremony.

The Confraternity Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, 14th January, 2018 which Solemn Eucharistic mass will be held at 4 pm. Followed by a Holy Eucharistic procession from Cathedral which culminated at Ozanum Home for the Aged premises.

The solemn Vespers will be celebrated on Tuesday at 6.30 pm on 16th January and annual feast will be celebrated on Wednesday, 17th January, 2018.


News published on: 08-01-2018