Milagres Cathedral Kallianpur celebrates Christmas Eve with a Pomp and Gaiety

Udupi : Milagres Cathedral of the Udupi Diocese celebrated Christmas Eve with a Pomp and Gaiety with Solemn Eucharistic celebrations concelebrated by Most Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi along with Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo Rector of the Milagres Cathedral, Rev Fr. Henry Mascarenhas Chaplain of Ozanum Home for the Aged and Diocese Estate Manager, Rev Fr. Herald Mathias, Superior of Pilar Fathers, Kallianpur, Rev Fr. Rolwin Aranha Asst. Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Lancy Mascarenhas Asst Parish priest and Principal of Milagres English Schools and Rev Fr. Nelson Furtado Vocational Director of Pilar Fathers.


Prior to the Solemn Mass, beautiful carol singing held by Choir group of the church from 6.30 pm. The Eucharistic mass began at 7 pm.

In his homily Bishop said that God is coming for salvation of the mankind. Jesus was willing to come to the earth, give life for us.  Bishop narrated the meaning of the Jesus Christ. According to the Isaiah Prophet, the God is coming with the peace to the earth. Jesus brought the light and peace to the earth and the new world established.

Bishop said Jesus has proclaimed three principles that God loves us with Jesus entry in the history of the world. The Son of God becomes man and lives with us.  He is Emmanuel. Jesus with us became man.

God wants to live with joy and happiness. The birth of Jesus has the reason for our happiness and joy. God brought peace on the earth. Peace is the gift of the Lord. The peace is the gift for the human being. The relationship between God and peace with us great and it will influence the peace in our life.


Now a days’ the celebrations of the Christmas becomes commercialized. The celebration of the Christmas has been day by day increases. We never get Jesus by celebrating with preparing cribs and stars, by preparing the kuswars or whatever it may be. Jesus will found when we love the poorest of the poor. When we see and celebrate the Christmas with taking care of those who need our help, then the meaning of Christmas celebration prevailed. Bishop called to visit the poor and needy and get the peace and happiness with celebration of Christmas.


At the end of the mass, Very Rev Fr. Stany Lobo gave gratitude to Bishop, priests and all participants’ faithful on the occasion of Christmas celebration. Meanwhile Bishop Gerald also wished all faithful of the church as well as diocesans’ on the occasion of Christmas.




After the mass, under the leadership of ICYM members, auction of beautiful cake was done. Simon Fernandes and Alban of Kallianpur B ward were the highest bidders of the Cake with Rs. 32,000/=. The Houise game was conducted and prizes were distributed. The prizes also distributed to the winners of greeting cards and cribs preparation topers.


The beautiful crib prepared by ICYM,  laid out the cathedral premises, the depicting the birth of Christ and joy that prevailed in the earth. The Church premises decorated with plenty of glowing the stars. Overcrowded faithful wished one another after the mass which depicting the festive atmosphere. 

News published on: 26-12-2017