Udupi Diocese Blessings of the Holy Oils held at Milagres Cathedral


Kallianpur : Blessings of the Holy Oils or Chrism mass was held at Milagres Cathedral here on Thursday, 21st March, 2013 at 4pm. Udupi Diocese Bishop Most Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo concelebrated High mass along with diocese all priests.

Prior to the high mass there was recolluction and seminar for the priests of Udupi Diocese held at Milagres Tri-centenary Hall from 9.30am to 3.30pm. From 10am recolluction talk was held by Rev Fr. Eugen Lobo SJ at Milagres Cathedral. Meanwhile there was exposition of the blessed Sacrament also held at Cathedral.There was reflection and preparation for confession also held before the afternoon session of the seminar.

During the afternoon session of the seminar first talk held by Rev Fr. John Mendonca Udupi Diocese Judicial Vicar and second talk by Mr. Rudolph Rodrigues.

During the Eucharistic celebration homily Bishop pointed out the importance of priests and their sacrifice. Priest is a Shepherd of Community. He is a man ordained by Christ to continue the Savior’s work of Redemption until the end of time. Priest is not just a person who offers sacrifice or a social worker with a religious tag; instead he is a servant - leader of the community, whose members he teaches, guides, adminsters the sacraments to, and reaches out to bring healing and unity where there is despair and division. Priesthood is a gift from God. He has to face all present challenges and problems with the people - the financial crisis, economic inequlaity, poverty, worker’s rights etc., he gets involved in service to the community. He leads himself and the community. He first seeks God in himself and in others particularly in their needs. The shepherd leader cannot be isolated from his community where he belongs. Priests are called to communicate, lead, inspire and care for God’s people.

Blessings of the Holy Oils or Chrism was held by the Bishop. Normally, Blessings of the Holy Oils shall be done on Maundy Thursday. Since all the priests of the diocese have to be present in their respective parishes, it was kept on previous Thursday, that on 21st March, 2013.

This year Blessings of Oils done first time ever in newly established Diocese of Udupi in Milagres Cathedral. Bishop gave gratitude to all concerned for the successful celebration of the occasion. Meanwhile Rector of the Cathedral Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo also proposed vote of thanks to the parishioners as well as diocese priests who participated for the seminar and Holy historical mass.


Large number of diocese priests and people were participated during Chrism high mass. Refreshment, tea and coffee served to all the participants after the mass.

Richard D’Souza


News published on: 2013-03-22