Media controls people as it pulls people away from reality - Fr. Chetan Capuchin, Editor of Uzvaad fortnightly

Udupi : Media controls people as it pulls people away from reality, said Rev Fr. Chetan Lobo, Capuchin, Editor of Uzvaad Konkani Fortnightly.


Speaking on “Konkani Sombhram 2017” which organized by Ashawadi Prakashan along the with the collaboration of Diya Deepa Prakashana at Milagres College Video Visual Hall, Kallianpur near here on Sunday, 17th December, 2017, Fr Chetan said that we the konkans never tired with Konkani language nor bored. Pen is mightier than sword. Speaking truth to power is literature. The loyalty to language is our greatest strength.


Media controls people’s lives now a day’s especially with the social media. The responsibility of a Litterateur must aim of artistic creation is to impart joy and bliss. People seek deliverance from the whirlpools of darkness. Presently no litterateur dares to speak against the government. Great Litterateur Lankesh was against the ruling government earlier. But majority of media supports the ruling party and the government presently which not good in the democracy system. Human beings on their journey through life may sometimes stop short in fear or apprehension. The responsibility of the gifted litterateur becomes all the more significant, he said.


Whatever the possibilities the litterateurs present to the world from time to time, they should be exhibited as the healthy outcome of the present. There is lot of things to write about the society, he said.


Earlier Walter Nandalike chief editor of inaugurated the Konkani Sombhram along with the guests on the dais. In his inaugural address Walter Nandalike spoke regarding how he brought up in his career, starting with writings articles in the print media and later in on line media.


Dr. Austine Prabhu, Chicago based writer, social worker and Konkani littérateur said that the Konkani language is rich in linguistic and cultural heritage constituted by its host of speech varieties. It is estimated that more than 30 speech varieties in Konkani exist in the west coast of India. It is considered by scholars of linguistics that a survey of these speech varieties will afford broad points of reference for linguistic studies in Konkani of a more comprehensive nature.


He felt sorry that there is no much support to the growth of Konkani language in general when we need help. We should work hard to achieve the goal for the growth of Konkani like the way of the cross of Jesus.

There is no particular script in Konkani and it is not so easy to script in Konkani itself. We are working for Konkani for our self esteem, he said.


The books of John Suntikoppa’s “MONI BOB”, Valley Quadras’s “MUKHAMUKHI”, special issue were released during the occasion.


During the occasion great achievers were felicitated. They were Dr. Austine Prabhu , International Icon, Konkani, Valli Vogga Mysore for literature – stories, Dr. Edward Najareth, Lditerature – Articles, Gerald W Carlo Hassan Literature – Translation and Concepta Fernandes Alva for media felicitated.



Konkani Kavighoshti was held with Catherine Rodrigues, Andrew D’Cunha, John Shuntikoppa, Jio Agrar, Prasanna Niddodi, Anthony Barkur,Richie Perira, Melwyn Vas, Gladys Rego, Valli Vogga, Wilfred Pangala and Valley Quadros.



A play was presented by Christopher Ninasam and group. Valley Quadras of Ashawadi Prakashana, Dr Jerry Niddoi of Divya Deepa Prakashana, Great Singer Henry D’souza, Irne and large number of litterateurs’ were present during the Konkani Sambhram -2017.


The programs were compered by Geo Agrar with great anchor in his style. 

News published on: 19-12-2017