The Titular Feast of Our Lady of Miracles celebrated with devotion and fervor

Udupi : Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur near here of the Udupi Diocese celebrated the Titular Feast of Our Lady of Miracles with devotion and fervor on Sunday, 9th July, 2017.




















His Lordship Most Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi Diocese concelebrated Solemnly High Eucharistic mass along with Cathedral priests, Kallianpur deanery priests and other guests’ priests.


In his homily Bishop pointed out the God’s Word through Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the mediator with God. Mother Mary’s act of faith and Her giving birth are at the beginning of the incarnate life and mission of the Savior. Mother Mary is the first woman to hear the Words of God. The Blessed Mother Mary safeguards the fullness of revelation and deepness our understanding of God’s plan of salvation. The Words of God in the Bible is the foundation of all catholic teaching. According to St Jerome, those who do not know about the Holy Bible, they do not know about the God. The Words of God is the Words of life.



























































































































The life of the Mother Mary is the open book. Mother Mary was predestined from eternity and uniquely prepared to be the dwelling place of God. Mother Mary has God’s gift of Grace. The Word of God in faith becomes herself a Mother. The most Blessed Virgin Mary was from first moment of her conception by a singular Grace and privilege of almighty God and by virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ. Mary is the person and place where God has chosen to enter most deeply into the human story. She is the one who hears the Word of God, the one who responds in faith, he said.

The firgent and main sponsor of the titular feast of Our Lady of Miracles was children of late. A. D’Silva and late Angeline D’Silva. On behalf of their family Gilbert D’Sliva of Kallianpur A ward was honoured with decorated candle by the Bishop.

At the end of the celebration Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo, Rector of the Cathedral placed the weekly announcements and also gave gratitude to Bishop, priests and all those who concerned. He also conveyed wishes the parishioner’s, nuns, outstation parishioners’ and all concerned on the occasion of titular feast.

Bishop also at the end conveyed his gratitude and wished the parishioners’ and all concerned. Both the Bishop and Rector of the Cathedral asked to pray for the sufficient rain this year which comparatively less than last year upto now. Earlier the titular feast of Miracles called as ‘Neera Parbha’, but now we experience the sun light without any clouds or rain on feast day.

The Church filled with large devotees of Mother of Miracles who was in much devotion and fervor. Larger devotees burned the candles near the miracles statue of Our Mother Mary. Sunshine Brass Band gave tune prior to the mass and after the mass. Most of the devotees after the mass were busy with conveying fest wishes one another.


News published on: 09-07-2017