All Souls Day observed at Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur

Udupi : Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur near here observed All Souls Day, it also called Commemoration of the Faithful departed on evening of 1st November, 2016.









































Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo the Rector of Milagres Cathedral concelebrated the Eucharistic mass along with Rev Fr. Rollwin Aranha, Rev Fr. Prakash Anil Castelino and Rev Fr. Nelson Furtado of Pilar Fathers.

In his homily Fr. Stany said that we believe in the power of God’s world. It is through the words of scripture that we learn about the salvation through Jesus. We also believe that God’s word is powerful and relevant to the issues of today. One that comes readily to mind is that those who have died have passed over into another realm of consciousness, another world, and another reality. One of the psychological complexes that blocks us from transcending and finding release from our fear of death is guilt. Do this in remembrance of Me. In remembering the Blessed Dead, let us also remember the one who was sent for our deliverance and liberation, to awaken us from our forgetfulness and to remind us of our origin beyond this world. To remember death is to remember the beginning. On All Souls Day we are reminded of that beginning. We are reminded of our essential task of renouncing the world, of transcending death and of the communion with our fellow spirits.

All the faithful after the mass, proceeded towards the beautiful decorated large cemetery with lights and Fr. Stany Lobo conducted the prayer services. In Latin culture it is also called the day of dead. They decorate the graves of the dead and remember the relatives and the loved ones that have passed beyond those graves. They call the spiritual connections with some spiritual and immortal part of those deceased whom they have loved or admired while in earthly life. The faithful of Milagres and surrounding parishes’ faithful gathered at cemetery.


Milagres Cathedral parish cemetery decorated with colourful lights all over and decorated graves of their beloved ones and lit candles. Fr. Nelson, Fr. Rolwin and Fr. Prakash Anil sprinkled the Holy water on graves though out the cemetery. Fr. Stany blessed the cemetery with prayers. It was beautiful moment. 

News published on: 02-11-2016