Workshop on harvesting rain water and preservation held at Milagres English High School, Kallianpur

Udupi : Workshop on harvesting rainwater and conservation of water held at Milagres English Medium High School, Kallianpur near here on Thursday, 06th October, 2016.
















Joseph Rebello noted social worker and Environmentalist was the resource person. He explained through slides the need to conserve the water in near future. He explained the various methods to conserve and harvest the rain water.

Rain water harvesting is technique of collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks or the infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers before it is lost as surface runoff. One method of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting. With rooftop harvesting most any surface – tiles, metals sheets, plastics, but not grass or palm leaf-can be used to intercept the flow of rainwater and provide a household with high quality drinking water and year round storage. Other uses include water for gardens, livestock, irrigation etc.

Rainwater harvesting will improve water supply, food production and ultimately food security. Water insecure households or individuals in rural areas will benefit the most from rainwater harvesting systems. Since rainwater harvesting leads to water supply which leads to food security, this will greatly contribute to income generation.

Earlier Rev Fr. Victor Fernandes Principal of Milagres English Schools welcomed the gathered and proposed vote of thanks. He gave his key note address regarding the need of water for all. Because of water the states, nations and other were fighting each other. May be next world war might be reason for the water, he argues.


The students of high school were benefited this precious workshop on water conservation. Joseph Rebello held several workshops and seminars on environment our locality as well as rainwater harvesting.

News published on: 07-10-2016