Milagres Flag Hoisted at Milagres Cathedral

Kallianpur : Prelude to Annual Feast of Our Lady of Miracles, "Madi Fest" was celebrated at Milagres Cathedral on Sunday before the start of Nine days Novena which commences next day i.e. from Monday 14th January 2013. The annual Parish Feast to be celebrated on 22nd and 23rd January this year.

As per the tradition since centuries on account of the annual parish feast, Madi Fest by hoisting Milagres Flag in front of the church which was held this year also. The Milagres Flag this year hoisted by Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo Rector and Vicar of Milagres Cathedral along with other priests and Parish Pastoral Parished members.



Annual Parish Feast this year will be on 22nd January and 23rd January, 2013. Nine days novenas will be held during the mass at 6.30am daily. Late Lazarus D'Souza sons,  Kote Road of Milagres A ward are Firgent of the annual feast.

Jackson Quadros/Royden D'Souza

News published on: 2013-01-14