The overwhelming first day of Tiny tots at Milagres Kindergarten School Kallianpur

Udupi : The first day of the tiny tots school is always exciting for kids as well as teachers and parents.It can also overwhelming. The first day of the tiny tots in Milagres Kindergarten School, Kallianpur in their life started on Wednesday, 1st June, 2016. Before entering the classrooms as designated the school welcomed the kids with huge garland of colourful baloons reception at entrance. The parents took their students to the classrooms with emotionally. Milagres Kindergarten section decorated with flowers, balloons, ribbons etc, to cheer up the tiny tots who reached classrooms with their parents on first day of academic year.

The first day school of the kindergarten was witnessed by Very Rev Fr. Stany Lobo Correspondent of the Milagres Institutions, Rev Fr. Victor Fernandes newly appointed Headmaster of Milagres English Schools, Veera D’Silva Headmistress of Primary Section of the school. For some kids the first day of the school in their life can be scary. It was hard on moms and dads that the students cried when they departed the class rooms. Kindergarten teachers have one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs. They can handle the first day of the students with care and challenge. But in Milagres Kindergarten School the teachers have vast experience since three decades.

Milagres Kindergarten School is committed to providing a stimulating, healthy environment for nurturing the total growth, development of young kids. It is the place where children will experience structured freedom, personal acceptance and loving guidance from vast experienced teachers no where one can search.

News published on: 2016-06-03