Workshop on Dr. Ambedkar - The Light of India at Milagres College, Kallianpur

Udupi : Equal opportunity Centre, Milagres College, Kallianpur in collaboration with Dr. Ambedkar Study Centre, Mangalore University, Centre for the Study of Social and Inclusive Policy and National Law School of Indian University, Bangalore organized one day workshop of Dr. Ambedkar – The Light of India on Saturday, 19th March, 2016 at Milagres College Audio Visual Hall near here.

After the inauguration by Dr. Vishwanath Director, Dr. Ambedkar Study Centree, Mangalore University by lighting the lamp, he said for the true building India, necessary programs organized under central as well as state governments patron and in regard to programmes on Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy. The purpose of these programmes organized to know about Dr. Ambadkars role in building India without any conflict or confusion. Even though Dr. Ambedkar given best constitution to democratic India, the people didn’t given any honor to him when he was alive.

Dr. Ambedkar was campaigned against social discrimination, against untouchables like dalits, supporting the rights of women and labour. He got country’s highest award “Bharath Rathna” at 1990. In Post Independent India his socio-political thought is respected across political spectrum. His initiatives’ have influenced various spheres of life. He passionately believed in individual freedom and criticizes case society. But it’s sad that any governments not given him any honor or respect when he was alive because he loved to majority people of dalits and women as well. He tried to pass the bill on women, but not passed.

Parties of Indian politics certainly have placed their interest above the nation which is evident from their conduct in politics. It was V.P. Singh who published Dr. Ambedkar’s books on various issues like political, religious and other after 1990.

Dr. Vishwanath said that at present there will be indirectly the emergency in the country. There is no freedom to speak. Those who speak against the politicians would be in trouble and to be arrested by the political pressure and patriotism is redefined. We would instances state sponsored suicides of dalits and backward communities in the nation. There will be such feeling of insecurity in the country as well.

Dr. Nery Cornelio Principal of Milagres College presided the inaugural session of workshop. K. Phaniraj Advisory member of Dr. Ambedkar campaign and social activist, Shivasundar Journalist, Bangalore, Dr. Pradeep Ramavat Assistant Professor and Centre Coordinator Dr. Ambedkar Campaign, NLSIU, Dr. Umesh Chandra and other were present.

Earlier Prof. Cyril Mathias Coordinator gave keynote introduction address on one day workshop on Dr. Ambedkar – the light of India and welcomed the gatherings. The chief guest Prof. Phaniraj also gave his address to the audiences. 

News published on: 2016-03-22