Education Tour of Milagres College Sociology students

Udupi : The Educational Tour to Udupi and Manipal for the Students of Milagres College, Kallianpur studying in B.A. Sociology section was arranged on 30th Sep, 2015. Around 24 Students were present and they were accompanied by Prof. Melwin C. Rego H.O.D. of Sociology.


Around 9.30 the group left the College Campus and first visited STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) at Nittur. This plant was started in the year 2008. The drain water from Udupi municipality area and other localities is processed from different sections like Screen Channel Roughing filter, 30 feet deep pond with 3 aerators which pumps oxygen in the water and purifies it and in the final stage, per day 15 ltr of chemical called Ocium is added to the processed water which leads to 60 to 70% purified state of water. All these workings of the STP were explained to the Students by Mr. Santhosh Rao, the site manager, in-charge of the plant.

Later the Students proceeded to the S.P. Office at Udupi. There they interacted with Police Officer Mr. Santhosh Kumar, the Additional Superintendent of Police. He spoke about the history, working structure, limitation of the Police force. He also made the Students aware of their duties as a responsible citizen. Later the students put forth their problems and some of the complaints. It was a good interaction of around 45 minutes. After this the students reached the Bio- Medical Waste Management Plant, KMC Hospital, Manipal around 12.30p.m.  Mr. Manohar Nayak, Facility in charge led the group and explained what is Bio- Medical Waste and the ways of managing it. In his explanation he mentioned that there are 10 categories of waste which are divided into 5 color coated plastic bags like White, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black. First he showed the places where and how the waste is collected and later he took the class of 30 minutes. Mr Madhukar M.R, Environmental Engineer, KMC Hosptial, Manipal also addressed the Students.

 In the afternoon around 1.45 p.m. the Students had lunch at Manipal and later proceeded to S.D.M. Naturopathy Hospital Soukhyavana, Parkala. There the Students were led by 2 junior Doctors in 2 batches. It is a nature cure hospital where there is no application of medicines but just the natural remedies to cure any types of deceases or health related problems like joint pain, backache, obesity, skin deceases, asthma, diabetes etc. Some of the treatments offered there are Colon Hydro Therapy, Reflexology Tracky, Mud bath, Body Fat analyzer etc. Later the Students were also taken to the Food Service Counters. That is Raw diet and Boiled food. Then the Students were addressed by Dr. Gopal Poojary in the yoga hall.

Afterwards Students proceeded to Nandini Milk Diary, Manipal. There the different stage of the processing of the milk was explained also a display of the Milk preservation was shown. The Students were given the packet of lassie when leaving the venue.

At the end the Students visited Biological Museum, Manipal. They viewed the display of the biological parts of human body also the deceased parts like Cancer, Tumor, and Elephantiasis etc which were displayed. In between these onsite classes, lectures and demos, Prof. Melwin C. Rego provided additional information with certain examples and cases reported in the news papers and media on sewage management, bio-medical waste, women and social media, healthcare behavior, etc.

By 5.30p.m. the tour got over. It was a very helpful visit. Students got lot of inputs for their day today classes. 

News published on: 2015-10-05