New Code of Conduct introduced for Bikers at Milagres College, Kallianpur

Udupi : It was time and again, public and the media expressed its concern on the riders of the two wheelers in Udupi District. In the wake of various fatal incidents in the District, especially in the district headquarters, the District Police Administration had taken various measures to educate the riders of the two wheelers and action taken on the violators of the traffic rule. The local police from Malpe police station too had its vision on disciplining the spurious two wheeler riders. In the wake of these developments, the Principal of the college, Dr Nery Cornelio too was very much inspired to join in hands with District Police Administration and local Malpe Police in disciplining the students coming to the college by two wheelers. His main concern was to save the lives of the riders of the two wheelers who are pupils under his care and the pedestrians, especially children and senior citizens as well. 

He convened the meeting of the students arriving to the college by two wheelers on Saturday, 29th August, 2015 to brief them about the new code of conduct to be adopted in the college. He addressed the students on the issues connected to the violations of the rules mentioned in Indian Motor vehicles Act, consequences of such violations, road rash, triple ride, speeding on the school zone, sound pollution through un-authorised horns and modifications to the silencer. He told the students to be disciplined in this regard and follow all the rules of the State and not to have any un-authorized accessories on their motorbikes. They are advised to carry all the documents pertaining to the vehicle with them when they ride their two wheelers. He also told the students that as they have a college uniform as a dress code, they need to bring their vehicles to the college in similar dress code, not to have un-authorized accessories, painting, decorations etc.  He warned the students of dire consequences of law and college rules if they fail to adhere to all the rules and regulations of the college as well as of the R.T.O, Udupi and speed limit set by the concerned local authorities. 

Prof. Melwin C Rego, H.O.D of Sociology informed the students on the registration of the vehicles with the college with copies of all the relevant documents pertaining to the vehicle. He also informed the students that only approved vehicles with valid documents (such as insurance, pollution control, registration certificate, permanent driving licence) be allowed  in the campus. He also informed that identification stickers with serial numbers will be issued to the permitted vehicles and vehicles found without stickers will be seized by the college authorities.

The students of the college, parents, alumni and public have expressed their appreciations to the principal of the college Dr Nery Cornelio for taking these measures in the campus and disciplining the bikers. 

News published on: 2015-09-09