First Day of Novena of Infant Mary begins at Milagres Cathedra


Udupi : The first day of Novena for the preparation for the festival of harvest that coincides the birthday of Mother Mary began today on Sunday, 30th August, 2015 at Milagres Cathedral of Udupi Diocese with much more devotion to the Mother Mary. After the 8 a.m. mass followed by Novena prayers by Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo Rector of Milagres Cathedral along with Rev Fr. Denis Lobo Vocational Director of Pilar Fathers and offering various flowers while singing the beautiful hymns.

Various kinds of lovely and enchanting flowers were offered to Infant Mary with devotion, singing hymns at Fortigo of the Cathedral. Being a Sunday large number of children along with parents and large parishioners’ were offered flowers to Infant Mary.

After the 9th day of the novena, the Festival of Harvest will be celebrated in grand manner on 8th September with the firgent of the feast late Lazarus D’Souza family of Kote Road, Kallianpur. During the days of the novena, we prepare well for this great solemnity with much devotion. We raise our hearts and minds to the Blessed Virgin Mary, invoking her help and protection.

A series of nine novenas to the Blessed Virgin Mary, on nine consecutive days preceeding the feast, are recited on these days. At the end of the novena on each day, the crowd mainly children offer flowers in a ceremonious manner to Infant Mary. Sweets are distributed for all the children on novena days. The atmosphere was resounding with the traditional hymns of “Sokkad Sangata Mellyam, Sokkad laggin soryan”.

The novena days are the preparation for the harvest feast for the whole family where the day begins with mass with children and devotees adorning the statue of Our Lady of Nativity with flowers.


News published on: 2015-09-09