Ash Wednesday observed at Milagres Cathedral

Udupi : Ash Wednesday marking the commencement of the Lent season of 40 days in preparation of the Feast of Easter  which  observed at Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur  this year on 5th of March, 2014. Rev Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves Principal of Milagres PU College was concelebrated the mass at 6.30am along with Rev Fr. Denis Lobo and Rev Fr. Nelson Furtado of Pilar Fathers.

During the mass after the homily by Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves  blessed the ash and then and applied with the sign of cross on the forehead or heads of the faithful with the words that remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.

There were three masses in Milagres Cathedral throughout the day. Larger number of students and faithful observed Ash Wednesday during the masses.

The blessed ashes are then "imposed" on the faithful as a sign of conversion, penance, fasting and human mortality. The ashes are blessed at least during the first Mass of the day, but they may also be imposed during all the Masses of the day, after the homily, and even outside the time of Mass to meet the needs of the faithful. Priests or deacons normally impart this sacramental, but instituted acolytes, other extraordinary ministers or designated lay people may be delegated to impart ashes, if the bishop judges that this is necessary. The ashes are made from the palms used at the previous Passion Sunday ceremonies.

News published on: 2014-03-05