The Confraternity Sunday observed at Milagres Cathedral

Kallianpur : Milagres Cathedral observed Confraternity Sunday on 19th January, 2014 in anticipation of Annual Feast on Wednesday. Prior to the solemn high mass, Rector of the Cathedral & Vicar of the parish distributed candles of honour to parishioners who supported to celebrate annual feast of the parish. He said during his keynote address that Confraternity Sunday is belong to parishioners celebration who majority of the parishioners take part in observing Confraternity Sunday. The Compri Fest celebrated by all the parishioners in devotion and fervor.

The solemn high mass concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Wilfred Frank parish priest of Sacred Heart Church, Kolalgiri along with Very Rev Fr. Stany B. Lobo, Rev Fr. Denis Lobo, Rev Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves, Rev Fr. Canute Barboza, Rev Fr. Wilfred Lewis and Rev Fr. Furtado of Pilar Fathers.

In his homily Fr. Wilfred Frank explained the significance and importance of Holy Eucharist and highlighted the love of God to mankind through Jesus Christ our Lord. Eucharist means not a kind. Love of Jesus is Eucharist. Eucharist means loving meal. Bread and wine favorite meal for Jesus which sign of love among people of the world who sacrificed for us. Where there love there is God. Eucharist means unity. Parish means one family. There should not be differences among parishioners which all parishioners are one family. Eucharist  means forgiveness.

Beautiful choir led by Rev Fr. Mahesh D’souza increased the devotion of the participants of the Confraternity Sunday. Jam packed huge church observed the Adoration led by Fr Wilfred Frank after the mass. Fr. Stany B. Lobo readout announcements of the week including the announcements in relate to Annual Feast. He called all parishioners to take part every Sunday masses in the cathedral like Confraternity Sunday which sign of unity and love among parishioners as one family.

After the mass and Adoration, Holy Eucharist procession began with much devotion and fervor. The Cross followed by brass band, Alter Boys and the parishioners with large number of priests followed by the Holy Eucharist carried by Fr. Wilfred Frank in the decorated vehicle.

The procession moved through main road of Kallianpur to Ozanum Home for the Aged Campus. Meanwhile church bells rang continuously and choir hymns heard continuously  on the way to Ozanum. Fire crackers were burst occasionally and hymns were sung which were audible throughout the procession as loudspeakers were mounted on poles at regular intervals. The entire path of the grand Eucharistic procession decorated with buntings.

The Holy Eucharistic procession ended at Ozanum Home for the aged. There was meaningful prayer held before the Holy Eucharist placed in decorated stage. This was followed by Holy Eucharistic blessings.

The Confraternity Sunday was attended by huge crowd of parishioners with greater devotion and fervor which has set to right spiritual tone for Vespers on Tuesday, 21st and Solemn parish feast on Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014.


No firjent or Sole Sponsor for the celebration of Annual Feast. Highest donours for the annual feast celebration gave honour this year which firjent usually gets every year.


News published on: 2014-01-20