Very. Rev. Fr. Stany B. Lobo

My dear Parishioners,

         Wish you all a Happy Feast of Our Patron - "Our Lady of Miracles". May she through her intercession shower forth on us the abundant blessings and graces. Really God has blessed us after the hot summer season with the showers of rain. But comparing to the past years it has subsided, let us earnestly pray through our heavenly mother to God for the sufficient and needed rains this year. It is an occasion to praise and thank the Lord for all the blessings that He has showered on our families and the church community.                
        Specially we have successfully completed the two major projects - Renovation of the Tri-Centenary Hall and the fae lift of teh facade with the installatio of 22" feet height teh statue of Our Lady of Miracles and adding needed amenities to the church like, new benches with kneelers, skirtings to the wall, installation of stained pictures of teh life events of Mother Mary, the renovation of the roof with new tiles and painting. The culmination was the Platinum Jubilee of the present church building, the foundation to which was laid in teh year 1940. I wholeheartedly thank our generous parishioners and wellwishers. Let this event give us an impetus to be deep rooted in our faith which our forefathers lovingly recieved, cherished, preserved and handed down to us. 
        This year we had satisfactory results in all our institutions. All the members of the church unitedly work through the 18 commissions to make the Kingdom of God a reality. God has been benevolent to us in various ways in the past year.
          I take this opportunity to thank all my parishioners for their co-operation and support in all the activities througout the year. Specially I thank the Vice President, Dr Neri Cornelio, the Secretary, Mrs Felciana Lewis, the Convenor of 18 commissions, Mr Xavier Fernandes, all the active Gurkars of 15 Wards, the Parish Pastoral Council members, members of various associations and sisters from both the convents. I do remember with gratitude the services rendered by Frs. Harold Mathias SFX, Nelson Furtado, Prakash Anil Castelino and Henry Mascarenhas in officiating the masses and assisting to hear confessions. I along with Frs. Rolwin and Lancy SJ, wish you a Happy Feast again. May our heavely mother - the mother of Miracles, guide us, lead us and help us to love and serve christ in others.
Very Rev.Fr.Stany B.Lobo.


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