Fathers Message

My dear Parishioners,

       Have you experienced Him.Have you met Him in His risen form.Last forty days we followed our Master in his agony and sufferings.We did penance,We mortified our bodies by fast and penance.During this Holy week we were close to Him.Now we are with the Risen Lord.We experience the moments of the Risen Lord,His Resurrection in our daily lives when we experience  the true love,when we are accepted, when we are forgiven, when we open our hearts to our needy neighbour, when we share our goods with the needy, when we fight for the rights of the week and exploited. So the Risen Lord and His power of Resurrection touch each and every one of us and transform us His true disciples.
        My dear parishioners,We have a great mission of the Lord in this Cathedral which has a history of 350 years.Our ancestors were true to their faith and stood steadfast inspite of hardships.The mantle is on us.Let us build our family life on the Word of God and the Sacraments.Our Educational Institutions are imparting and moulding the students with best values and leading them to live a worthy citizens of our country.
        Thank you sincerely for your sincere help,guidance and wholehearted support.May the Risen Lord bless you and your family.
Very Rev.Fr.Stany B.Lobo.