Fathers Message

My dear Parishioners,

                                 We are in the month of September.In this month we celebrate the two important feast of Mother Mary.All of us are eagerly looking forward to the feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother.Everyone in the family has a par to play in the preparations and celebrations.Because it is a family feast.All are actively involved.While children are busy in collecting flowers,the elders are planning for the items for the festal meal.Beside this we belong to the bigger family of our Parish Community.We too are busy to celebrate the event with meaningful liturgy to thank the heavenly Father for the gift of our Mother Mary and for the New Corn,the fruit of the labour of farmers.While we receive the new corn and eat the   family food,let us show our solidarity towards our family members and to our neighbours.Mother Mary bless us all.I wish all of you my dear Parishioners living in and outside the Parish a very happy feast and blessings with love from our dear MOTHER MARY.
                               Once again I wish you a Happy Monthi Fest abundant blessings from Mother Mary on all of you.
Very Rev.Fr.Stany B.Lobo