Holy Week - 2014

Milagres Cathedral, Kallianpur

  Thursday the 17th is the Maundy Thursday, The Lord’s Last Supper. On this day       

      we contemplate the three unique events viz. the establishment of the

      Holy Eucharist, the Priestly Ordination and the New Commandment of Love.

      There will be one mass in the morning for those who cannot attend  the evening


                        The celebration of Lord’s Last supper commences at 5.30p.m. during

      which there will be washing of the feet of 12 chosen. Those chosen should be

      present on time.

                        After the Mass the Eucharist will be kept in the resting Altar where all

      the parishioners will join in Adoration. Let us Adore Christ who is present in the

      Blessed Sacrament, Sing praises of Him and Crave His blessings upon us and on

      our families. Adoration continues till 10.p.m.

                 Collection of the day will be for the Priest Welfare Scheme.


   Friday the 18th is the Passion of Our Lord, Good Friday. Kindly keep in mind that

      Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament ends at Mid-Night of Maundy Thursday.

      Good Friday is to be spent in silence contemplating the passion and the mystery

      of the Holy Cross. This can be done by Ward wise,  Association wise,  or

      individually from 7a.m. till 3p.m.  The time table is on the notice board I call

      upon children, Youth, and Elders to spend at least an hour before the Holy

      Cross. This day is the Day of Fast & Abstinence.

            The Celebration of the Passion of Christ begins at 3.30p.m.  with Way of the

      Cross followed by the initial rites, readings, homily and Solemn Prayers, after

      which unveiling of the Holy Cross, Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.

      After the celebration there will be procession with Christ’s dead body. Those who

      wish to offer  flowers for the cradle do so by Friday  noon.

               Collection of the Day will be for the Maintenance of Holy Land.


    Saturday the 19th is Holy Saturday. The Evening Celebration begins at 7p.m. near

      The Main Gate in front of Milagres Kannada Medium High School. The Day’s

      ceremony begins with Lighting and Blessing of New Fire & Incense, followed by

      procession to the church with the Paschal candle. After that singing of Paschal

      Hymns followed by readings, depicting our salvation.

              After the readings Blessing of the Water and renewal of our baptismal  

      Vows, followed by the concelebrated High Mass. Kindly bring candles along

      With you while coming for the celebration.

                  Please be on time on these three days for the celebrations and participate

      with devotion. Games are prohibited on the Ground on these three days.

            Our Bishop will take the leadership of Liturgy on these three days