“Whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me” said Lord. This is what the members of SSVP are doing in our parish unit. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is known all over the world as society which not only works for the poor but is with the poor. Our parish unit members of SSVP have a barrel of goodwill to help and care for the needy and helpless. Under the leadership of Bro. Richard D’Souza and eleven members are regular church goers, quite active in living the faith and Christian values and also struggle hard to translate them into action and motivate one another to care for the poor, sick & the suffering, needy and elderly of our society. The office bearers are Bro.Richard D’Souza President, Bro . Alfred D’Souza Vice President, Bro.Fredrick Sequiera Secretary and Bro.Elias Crasta Treasurer.