Ave Maria Sthree Sangathan

Ave Maria Sthree Sangathan was founded by Very. Rev. Fr. Xavier Pinto during its vicarship in Milagres. Mrs. Eugene Rebello was the founder President of this organization for the women. Ave Maria Sthree Sangathan is serving the parish and the society mainly for the empowerment of the women. It also undertakes the mission of educating the women regarding many issues.At present there are 25 to 30 members regularly taking part in the activities. 
Present Office Bearers
President : Mrs. Jyothi Lewis
Vice President : Mrs. Jacintha Lewis
Secretary : Mrs. Wilma Lewis
Treasurer : Mrs. Treza Lewis


The Sodality of Altar Boys or the Altar Servers is one among the organization of the church which indulges in serving the priest during the holy mass. The Sodality of Altar Boys was started by Msgr. Pagani S.J. on 8.03.1894. The boys after completing 4th standard join altar boys and participate in the mass. At present there are about 40 boys. 

Aims and objectives:
Imbibe the spirit of St. John Berchmans
Serve at the altar
Be disciplined in life

Secular Franciscan Brotherhood

Secular Franciscan Brotherhood was in founded in the year 1940 by Rev. Fr. Denis Jerome D’Souza. President : Mrs. Zeetha D’Souza
Vice President : Mrs. Nelly Quadros
Secretary : Mrs. Julet Lewis
Treasurer : Mrs. Eugene Rebello
Trainer : Mrs. Helen Sequirea

Young Catholic Students (YCS)

What is YCS/YSM: It is a student movement where students come together in small groups of 8-10 to share their interests, problems, experiences, anxieties etc and find a solution of their own through the YCS methodology of See, Judge and Act i.e. Awareness, Reflection Action and Evaluation. 

Present Scenario: At present, the Movement has around 40 students.

VISION: To evolve a new society, where people live in harmony, where there is total freedom for the complete growth of the individual, where each and every person is respected in dignity hence valuing peace, love, truth, justice and equality.


ICYM was formed by Rev. Fr. G.L. DaCruz in the 1980’s. Sydnynath was the founder president. Integral Development of Youth through Formation, Fellowship and Action being the main objectives of youth ministry, ICYM caters to varied needs of the holistic development of its young members.

ICYM ushers in a paradigm shift in the life of the 'Young Church'. The youth in India are in a dilemma of disunity and discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, language and culture. Lack of true leadership, raising fundamentalism, alienation, choking unemployment, corruption at all levels are the alarming realities of the day. As we cruise in to the new millennium with tremendous hope and aspirations, the members of ICYM are now ready to discover the new frontiers that unfold. It is in this distressful context that the ICYM address the need of these young persons and works at empowering them in to action not only within the church but a conscious and deliberate immersion in the mainstream of secular life and activity in the heart of the world. At Present Vinora Barretto is the President VicePresident - Waylon Machado,Secretary - Melita D'Souza,Joint Secretary - Jovita D'Costa,Treasurer - Vivian D'Souza,Liturgy secretary - Lavina Lewis,Cultural Secretary - Sustin Saldanha,Sports Secretary - Clinton D'Silva,Varado representative - Steuben Dias.


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“Whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me” said Lord. This is what the members of SSVP are doing in our parish unit. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is known all over the world as society which not only works for the poor but is with the poor. Our parish unit members of SSVP have a barrel of goodwill to help and care for the needy and helpless. Under the leadership of Bro. Richard D’Souza and eleven members are regular church goers, quite active in living the faith and Christian values and also struggle hard to translate them into action and motivate one another to care for the poor, sick & the suffering, needy and elderly of our society. The office bearers are Bro.Richard D’Souza President, Bro . Alfred D’Souza Vice President, Bro.Fredrick Sequiera Secretary and Bro.Elias Crasta Treasurer.

CATHOLIC SABHA Mangalore Pradesh (Regd), Milagres Unit

Catholic Sabha Milagres Unit having more than 135 life members. Unity, Service and Sacrifice will be the Motto of the unit. One should remember that the founder Spiritual Director of Catholic Sabha, Mangalore Diocese was Rev Fr. Stany Perriera who was the Parish Priest of Milagres then. It will be great pride for our unit that Walter Cyril Pinto Past President and Gerald Pinto former President of Catholic Sabha Mangalore Pradesh, Diocese of Mangalore. Moreover Elias Crasto and Richard D’Souza served as General Secretaries of Udupi Pranth having 38 church units. Milagres unit one of the leading and best unit in deanery, Pranth and Diocese level. Presently office bearers are Harry Castalino President, Jyothi Lewis Secretary, Rosy Baretto Past President, Richard D’Souza as Treasurer and Felciana Lewis as Proposed President.